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Unistor Modular Storage is a flexible storage system that features inset handle details. The units are modular, can be stacked and can also include coloured, open units.


Cabinets are available in 800, 1000 and 1200mm wide modules. With a module height of 380mm the units can be stacked from 2 to 4 high or alternatively up to 2000mm in a single carcass. The system has been designed to keep the footprint to an absolute minimum. A 420mm depth delivers optimal space efficiency.


With simple design, the system looks elegant and the hidden carcass ensures a clean fresh look. We offer open fronted, double door and file drawers all of which can be combined to meet your requirement.


The system can also be combined with both our OD2 and OD3 product ranges to provide integrated work and storage areas.


The Unistor storage solutions range can now be manufactured using 'Natural Touch' surfaces. With Natural Touch, you have all the desirable features of wood without its frustrating drawbacks and variables.  Natural Touch's cutting edge embossed technology allows you to be creative, with astonishingly realistic grain and beautiful colours.


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