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As the commercial office environment continues to evolve;
with large open plan offices very much the norm, the need for privacy, small meeting areas and a level of acoustic protection continue to increase. Couple this with the need for furniture to be flexible and adaptive, with the ability to change easily over time, today’s office furniture must be responsive to these needs.
The Sollis range has been designed as a response to these needs and offers an unparalleled level of quality, value and craftsmanship. Brought together into one simple, beautiful offering. Sollis can be specified as a high back booth, for
occupancies ranging from two to six, as a high back sofa,
in single, double and triple seat units and as a range of
workstations. As the sollis range is a panel-based system,
featuring a patent pending, tool free, quick release mounting
system; it can also be assembled into a number of other
configurations, to define areas in open plan spaces or to create
meeting zones.
The addition of power modules and TV mounting panels
and brackets give sollis the ability to be customised to your
requirements. Be that a social space, collaborative meeting
area or single occupancy unit for focussed working.

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